I am a little more then 4 months away from the BIG 30! I am beyond not ready! My lovely husband has said if I want a birthday party I am on my own. Now I’m stuck how in the hell am I going to give myself a bad ass party?!?

I am the shit when it comes to planning kid birthdays, after all I am a mom! When my son was 8 he wanted a full blown circus, and it was the best party ever! I have planed parties at baseball fields, pools, and bowling allies. When it comes to what I want I have no clue.

I know what I like…… some of everything, but getting it down on paper is going to be hard.

A party is location, location, location right? I spent most of my life in Chicago, so when I moved to North Carolina it was a bit of a shock. I live in a VERY small town compared to Chicago. I was thinking about having my party in Charlotte. I some time think of it as a city in the woods, but not a bad place to party. It would be nice to have my party at a upscale venue, with a adult-ish theme, all of my friends and family. Or have my party in my little town at a podunk venue with the same theme, family and friends.

To a lot this wouldn’t matter, to me it does. I believe in quite a few milestone birthdays. The first being the age 10, you are finally into double digits. At 13 you have made it to your teen years, 16 you can drive. With 18 comes adulthood,  21 you can drink legally. If you are ME and I am, I turned 25 on the 25th and was a quarter century old…. extremely important! Lastly 30, 40, 50 half a century, 60, 70, 75 three-fourths a century 80, 90, 100.. the BIG CENTURY. I want my last milestone birthday to be 109, yes I like to dream big!

So what to do? How do I plan my own 30th birthday party? Will 30 be a good year for me? I know all of this begs more questions then answers.