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What can I say I am a mother and a wife, trying to find my way through life. I am about to enter the big 3..0.. lets see where it takes me!



Words of Wisdom

The company I work for picks a working CNA to give a speech to graduating CNA’s that will come work for us. I was picked for that honor! At the time I wrote my speech I was working a LTC (long term care) unit, I now work on a rehab unit. What I put in my speech hold true to both LTC and rehab, just in different ways.Here is my speech……..

Just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it is not there!

My story:

One night a resident called me into her room to tell me there was a pony in trying to eat her shoes. I could have told her there was nothing in the room, but that would have been the makings of an argument. So thinking quickly, I told the pony to SHOO! I asked if she needed anything else, and left. Not 5 minutes later she called me for the same thing. My response was the same as the first time; I shooed the pony and left. When she rang a third time, I went to my lunch bag, then answered her call light. The pony was back!!! She was worried he would never leave, and I was starting to get worried as well! I took an apple from my pocket, called the pony, led it out with the apple and explained that I was going to crack the door so he could not come back in……

When 10, 20 and then 30 minutes had passed by I knew it worked! She didn’t have problems with that pony for the rest of the night.

First and foremost congratulations. I can honestly say working in nursing is my passion. The good days along with the bad, the hard as well as easy.

I have learned a lot along the way, and here are some tips I would like to share with you:

♦ Safety is always number one!

♦ Every resident is your resident!

♦ Every alarm going off is your alarm, because safety is number one, and every resident is your resident!

♦ Although you’re coming to work, you are working in someone’s home!

♦ A smile can make the world a brighter place, not only for a residents but anyone you come into contact with.

♦Work smarter, not harder, always work as a team.

♦ If you don’t ask, you don’t know

♦ Working in the nursing field, will not always be text book perfect, and that’s okay.

♦ You can fix a mistake, but you can’t fix a lie!

♦ NEVER SAY THINGS ARE QUITE!!!! As soon as you do all things go awry!

♦ Always find time for what I call the 4 C’s

1)Clean nails

2)Clean teeth

3)Clean clothes


If a resident is scrunched down at the foot of the bed, not only is it unsafe, it’s uncomfortable.

♦ Be more than just a CNA

♦ Listen to your residents to create a better relationship in order to help learn daily habits.

I hope in the days to come you will put my tips to work. I wish you all the very best as you continue your journeys. 


I hope this is able to help more then just the 14 new CNA’s we welcomed in to our company and facility.


My Passion



I am a CNA\CMA, to say that I love my job is an understatement! Majority of my family member work in the nursing field.

I have worked for 15 year now! When I see the number it shocks me! My family always said I should go into nursing, but I was your “know it all teen” and I wanted no part of the nursing field. I wanted to be in management, sales and marketing, so that’s what I did. In the beginning I loved it, my company car was a Lexus, and I didn’t need a reason to dress up! I would have breakfast and lunch meetings. My office was the size of most peoples living room, and for lack of better term…. I made BANK! My children financially had everything they ever needed or wanted. My job had a mandatory 50 hours a week, work week, and at first it was okay. I took trips all over the northeast. The down side I never saw my family, or if I did it was always in passing.

In 2015 I needed some change in my life. Now I not sure how thing are in other states, but in North Carolina; you now have to get your CNA before you can go to nursing school. For me this was the best way to start. I told myself I would get my CNA, give nursing a try. If I didn’t like it I only spent hundreds not thousands on my new career choice. From day one I was in love! I have always been a people person, and now I was being paid to care for people, listen and even console them. Not long after being a CNA I was asked if I wanted to get my Medication Aide, at no cost to me I might add! My managers said they wanted me to further my education, that I am a natural talent, and when I am ready to go to nursing school let them no and they would front the cost!

This year I am taking all the classes I need before I enter nursing school, but I am scared! This is a big step, and so far in live I have not failed at anything. I am afraid, I may fail, but I refuse to let my fears keep me down! My dream is to be a Flight Nurse! My mother worries for me, she thinks I have lost my mind! Though she will always support what I want to do.


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