I work two jobs, and I am not complaining! I love what I do, I really do! At one job I am PRN; or as needed, as I want to work, so I can take off when I want. My other job is full time, at 245 PTO (paid time off) we max out. You get a nice check but is only 75% of your hours. I had 210 PTO hours, so it was time for a vacation. If you have read my other post you would know that my anniversary was this month. I had a master plan, I have to request my time off about a month in a half ahead of time. I wanted the family to go on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas! I didn’t want to book the trip until I knew I could have the time off.

I got the time off, I took a whole week off! I call to book the trip and my card gets declined! I thought to myself no way in hell! I know I have money plus I was saving for this trip! I told the people in the phone to run it again! Yet again it was declined, so I hung up and looked into my bank account. A company in Myrtle Beach, SC took $1,150 from my account a couple days before. I did only thing I could think of, I woke my husband up! He told me he checked my bank account saw I had over $1,500, and he wanted to go to the beach, so he booked a trip! To say I was pissed, is a huge understatement!

I worked for that money, I worked damn hard. Nothing about my jobs are easy, I work long hours, I work everyday of the week. I did not talk to my husband for a full 2 weeks! I tried to call and get my money back. Would you believe the hotel was only willing to get me a refund of $875! Looks like we are going to the beach, but when?! JUNE, not APRIL, not when I have time off! There is no way to tell if I will get the time off in June!

I requested a new debit card and I now keep it a work in my locker!

What to do with a week off, a staycation that I didn’t plan for or want!

Day 1: After taking my children to school, I slept until I wanted to get up. With the help of after school program I got to sleep to 5 pm.

Day 2: An old boss of mine asked if I would have lunch with her, so I did! I drank most of my lunch that day! My husband was unpleased, I told him I could do what I want because I was on vacation!

Day 3: Another lunch date, but with my BFF. She is preggo, so there was no drinking. I am super excited to be planing a baby shower! I also went fishing with my babies! My son landed a 2 pound cat fish!

Days 4, 5 and 6: We as a family with some friends went camping in Cherokee, North Carolina. I am now the proud owner of 50+ mosquito bites, not an exaggeration! Cherokee is really a beautiful place, we tent camp if anyone wanted to know. Here are some pictures:

Day 7: 2,800 loads of laundry, okay maybe only 5 or 6 loads. That part really sucked, I hate laundry and I hated to spend my last day off doing it.

All in all I had a good week. I am still upset about the trip I wanted to take. Though I really didn’t want to go camping, I am glad got the chance to bond with my children. With working as much as I do, I don’t get to see them as much as I would like and I hate that.