This Lost Chick

What can I say I am a mother and a wife, trying to find my way through life. I am about to enter the big 3..0.. lets see where it takes me!



What you Missed

So I have been away for a bit of time. A lot has happened in the time I have been away.


My 30th birthday party was a blast! In truth I drank way to much! My best friend drove me home, I only made it to the front porch before a had to “take a lay down” for a few hours! Plus side I had no hangover when I got up the next day.  Though my husband did not drink anything he managed to lose his keys. We later found them in the dumpster, alcohol smells so much better the next day…. NOT!



Just when you think your body can take no more, you dig deep and give it one more push! My best friend gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom I love so much! She will be 7 months old soon! I swear time goes by in the blink or an eye! I got to be in the delivery room. Giving birth is a true miracle.


I feel in love on my trip to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas. Not with a person but with the islands. With the exception of missing my children, I never wanted to come back home. I really wanted to stay forever. The water is so clear I got to see some sharks and dolphins! I also went snorkeling! I was in the middle of a school of fish right over a reef. I swam from the boat to an Rose Island and back! It was beyond beautiful!


My New Years Eve was not the best! My BFF was in the hospital so I really had nothing to do, so I played games with the kids and when they went to bed, I had a beer or 6.


March 2017

Hard to believe it is 2017 already, but it is! I love when everyone does the “New Year New Me” thing!  Not me, new year, same old lost me! In February in door soccer started and I was back in my groove with coaching. I was talked into coaching two teams this year. On my older team I have an assistant coach but for my pee wees it’s just me!  On March 4th my 9 year old broke her leg playing soccer. I hate it for her but I know she feels worse. She can’t so any of the things she loves. Until further notice no gym, soccer or playground.

As for the rest of 2017 my children and I have decided to try out a Youtube channel. What will it be about? I guess you will have to wait and see! Our first video should go up before the end of March. I am going to try and stay with “This Lost Chick” nut we will have to see. I will be looking for you are, and I hope this turns out to be as fun in life as it is in my mind!


Beach Trip

I love the beach! I have since the first time I laid eyes on the ocean! The sound, the smell, sometimes I can deal without the people. This trip was not as relaxing as I would hoped! But all in all it was a good trip.

My grandma was born in 1934 and this was her 3rd trip to the beach. The other two times I have taken her, one was for my wedding and the other was our first extended family vacation.

My brother is four years younger then I am, and he is beyond a free spirit. My brother kept making hints that if he was stopped by the police, that would be the end of the trip for him. I didn’t understand until the second night into the third day. Our second night at Myrtle Beach, my brother is digging a massive hole to put his girl friend in. I went to talk to my brother and his girlfriend to see if they needed help. Their eyes where the size if half dollars, wide open! They where high as kite! After talking to my sister I found out my brother brought acid, to “trip” at the beach! Needless to say I had to keep a good eye on them, and keep my children far away! I was not trying to answer any unnecessary questions.

While on their “trip” they played in the ocean like it was only five feet deep! Splashing and swimming out so far I could hardly see them! The next day mm brother told me of what he saw the night before.

He said, “There was a huge bob cat walking around last night. I was about four or five feet big:.

At first I was like DAMN really! How the hell did it get here? Who all saw it? Should we call anyone to warn them?

He said, “The bob cat had star shaped blue sun glasses on his face, and he rode in on the back of a shark. The shark and the bob cat both came walking up the beach like what’s up bro!”

After that I knew he was full of shit and tripping when he saw it! I wish I had a picture of it, we laugh about it everyday.

The 2 bedroom suite we had was lovely, it was on the 11th floor, ocean front and I loved it! The air conditioning unit stopped working our second day and was not able to be fixed, but it wasn’t like where there to stay in the room anyway!

At first my grandma was adamant she was going to swim to Africa! The funny thing is she has still never put her toes in the water. She can’t swim and is afraid of sharks. My grandma says the only way a shark will bite her is if it walks onto the beach to get her! She sat reading a book and watching us swim. DSCN0415

My sister met a guy at a water park we went to. Thought it didn’t work about between, my sister has since moved to Myrtle Beach. I’m not going to lie I am jealous as hell! I love the beach but I can’t live there.DSCN0470

The sunrise was amazing as always! On the beach was a couple, who happened to be in one of my pictures, taking a picture of the sun rising. I wish I knew who they where, it really is a beautiful picture.DSCN0370

The next vacation, it should be the end of July, will just be me, my husband and our babies! Here are some more pictures at the beach!

Work Out Trouble

I can face the facts, I am a little bit out of shape. I go to the gym when I have time after work. Recently I have went to a friend of mines. She has a gym in her garage, I like it better because no one is looking at you. Anyway, I did a work out with her, it felt really good to be working out with a partner again, and I pushed myself hard. Too hard! It was leg day, I should have used my own body mass instead of weights. Particularly because I had not done weights in a while, a long while at that.We worked our legs hard, set by set, rep by rep.

When it came time to stretch I gave 100%. I thought if I stretched really good and took a nice warm shower I would not be all that sore. I was so wrong. When I got up the next day, I couldn’t  walk right but it was more then that. I could not sit at all or bend at the knees for that mater. I would try to bend but it would hurt so bad my wouldn’t let me. I still had to work with all of this going on and it was not easy.

After two days of trying everything I knew, the pain never got any better. I had to go to the doctor, its hard to work when you can’t use proper body mechanics. I strained the quads (quadriceps muscles) in both legs! With the strains I have it could take anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks for me to return to normal. 10 days to 6 weeks!!

I am on day 5, I am not able to walk much better, but I still can’t walk down steps without help and a lot of pain. When I walk now it is with a slight limp, I have pulled the calf muscle in one of my legs but I will deal with it.

I hope that I will heal fast, I enjoy working out. I have learned my lesson, I will start out slow, without weights the next time. I know I will not be doing leg day for a very long time!










Wow I can’t believe that it is June already! I would like to know where this year has gone! I am a little more then 2 months from my 30th birthday! I am getting a little excited! Though I have no party plans, as of yet! My month of June is packed full of things to do!

First , my mother, grandmother and 13 year old sister are moving to North Carolina! I am super excited about their big move! Not going to lie, I am a little worried…. Everyone is living with us until they find a place. It’s not that I don’t love them, 8 people sharing one bathroom may be a problem!

Along with three family members moving down here, my brother, his girlfriend, my sister and her three children are coming down so we can all go to the beach! I was 26 the first time I saw the ocean. None of my family had ever seen the ocean in real life. So two years ago we took may family and now it seams to be a tradition.  This should be fun to say the least!

I am planing my BFF baby shower, at least I am trying but her husband wants everything but pay for nothing! She is having a girl! Her due date is the end of August, but I am secretly hoping she has her baby on my birthday!! A girl can dream can’t she?

My arm gets finished! Not that it’s missing or anything. I got a half sleeve in 2015, I knew I wanted a full sleeve but I was unsure of what to add! I will do a blog about my many tattoos. Now I know what I want to add to finish my sleeve. As to anything there is a down side! I have to cover my tattoos at work, for the most part I don’t mind.

Trying to build a new play house for my girls! I have blue prints, the lady I got them from said material would cost no more then $120. I went to Lowes and everything was $640! I think she may have been doing some of that government math!

Then I have countless small things going on, from facials and pedicures, helping my mother with her packing and unpacking. June is jam packed with a million things to do, I can’t wait!


My roots, in truth I know a lot about them, but I only choose to share this. My father was Polish, my mother is black. Yes I mean black not African American. I have looked 3 generations back and my mother is American, my grandmother is American and my great-grandmother was Native American, Chippewa.

I knew I wanted to blog about this last night, but I could not! I felt so many raw emotions, I couldn’t put into words. It still may not be possible for me to put them into words now.

I do not believe that Memorial Day, was the right day to air this series! I say this because shows and movies that focus on racism and unjust treatment always stir up raw emotions.  I am a person that is slow to anger, after watching Roots made my blood boil.

Here are 3 movies, I know for a fact brought raw emotions to the surface. Crash, American History X, and 12 Years a Slave.

I do understand where others are coming from…..

Memorial Day is to honor those who lost there lives so that we as Americans can remain free. If you do not believe that slaves played a major part in our freedoms, you may want to look in to history again! Don’t have time?? I will give you some quick facts: roughly 179,000 slaves served in the U.S. Army. 19,000 served in the Navy. Close to 40,000 black men died in the Civil War! Let that sink in…. my history lesson is over.

As I watched Roots last night, I cried. When I was a teen I watched the 1977 original. After watching it I was mad! But I quickly found my favorite part of the movie and chose to remember that only. It was “Grits dummy”. For some reason I didn’t remember it being this bad!

I am not sure if I can watch more then one episode! I honestly do not think my heart can take it. I only went 3 generations back on my mothers mother, because I knew none of them where slaves. If I where to look on her fathers side I know what I would find, even if I looked at my grandmothers fathers side. It’s not that I choose not to look out of ignorance. I know where my family came from, that is no longer the most important part. What is important is where my family is going.

The past can help shape the future. However if you walk forward while looking back, you are bound to run into a wall and stay there. Look there go there, only we can’t go back so look to the future.


frog-897418_960_720Have you ever wanted to run away? I’m not talking about getting away for a few hours. I’m talking about packing up a few things in the middle of the night, and leaving everything behind!

I have done that a few times in my 20’s. At the time I only had one or two children when I last took off. I grabbed only what was essential, and left the rest behind! I even left my cell phone, you can always pick one up at any gas station or convenient store.

My mother calls me her “Gypsy Child”. I can pack up today, go to a state I have never been to and in 6 months time, you would have thought I have lived there all my life! That is how Well I adapt to change, when I feel the need to.

Today, I feel like running away. I am taking time off of second job, so I can spend more time with my children this summer. This weekend my girls are camping with there girl scout troop. My son, well… he is a teenager and her care about three things in life. 1 His cell phone, I really think it is glued to his hand! 2 GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!! I think that may be the reason his phone is always in hand. Every friend I have ever met of his has been a girl! I can’t say I like it one bit! 3 His Xbox. My son has talent, he can play the game, with a phone in one hand! Not really the kind of skills I am proud of but hey! My husband, he invited some friends over for the weekend. Right now they are off doing what ever it is they do!

So that leaves me here sitting on my front porch, writing a blog about running away!frog-897420_960_720

Week Off


I work two jobs, and I am not complaining! I love what I do, I really do! At one job I am PRN; or as needed, as I want to work, so I can take off when I want. My other job is full time, at 245 PTO (paid time off) we max out. You get a nice check but is only 75% of your hours. I had 210 PTO hours, so it was time for a vacation. If you have read my other post you would know that my anniversary was this month. I had a master plan, I have to request my time off about a month in a half ahead of time. I wanted the family to go on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas! I didn’t want to book the trip until I knew I could have the time off.

I got the time off, I took a whole week off! I call to book the trip and my card gets declined! I thought to myself no way in hell! I know I have money plus I was saving for this trip! I told the people in the phone to run it again! Yet again it was declined, so I hung up and looked into my bank account. A company in Myrtle Beach, SC took $1,150 from my account a couple days before. I did only thing I could think of, I woke my husband up! He told me he checked my bank account saw I had over $1,500, and he wanted to go to the beach, so he booked a trip! To say I was pissed, is a huge understatement!

I worked for that money, I worked damn hard. Nothing about my jobs are easy, I work long hours, I work everyday of the week. I did not talk to my husband for a full 2 weeks! I tried to call and get my money back. Would you believe the hotel was only willing to get me a refund of $875! Looks like we are going to the beach, but when?! JUNE, not APRIL, not when I have time off! There is no way to tell if I will get the time off in June!

I requested a new debit card and I now keep it a work in my locker!

What to do with a week off, a staycation that I didn’t plan for or want!

Day 1: After taking my children to school, I slept until I wanted to get up. With the help of after school program I got to sleep to 5 pm.

Day 2: An old boss of mine asked if I would have lunch with her, so I did! I drank most of my lunch that day! My husband was unpleased, I told him I could do what I want because I was on vacation!

Day 3: Another lunch date, but with my BFF. She is preggo, so there was no drinking. I am super excited to be planing a baby shower! I also went fishing with my babies! My son landed a 2 pound cat fish!

Days 4, 5 and 6: We as a family with some friends went camping in Cherokee, North Carolina. I am now the proud owner of 50+ mosquito bites, not an exaggeration! Cherokee is really a beautiful place, we tent camp if anyone wanted to know. Here are some pictures:

Day 7: 2,800 loads of laundry, okay maybe only 5 or 6 loads. That part really sucked, I hate laundry and I hated to spend my last day off doing it.

All in all I had a good week. I am still upset about the trip I wanted to take. Though I really didn’t want to go camping, I am glad got the chance to bond with my children. With working as much as I do, I don’t get to see them as much as I would like and I hate that.

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