So I have been away for a bit of time. A lot has happened in the time I have been away.


My 30th birthday party was a blast! In truth I drank way to much! My best friend drove me home, I only made it to the front porch before a had to “take a lay down” for a few hours! Plus side I had no hangover when I got up the next day.  Though my husband did not drink anything he managed to lose his keys. We later found them in the dumpster, alcohol smells so much better the next day…. NOT!



Just when you think your body can take no more, you dig deep and give it one more push! My best friend gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom I love so much! She will be 7 months old soon! I swear time goes by in the blink or an eye! I got to be in the delivery room. Giving birth is a true miracle.


I feel in love on my trip to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas. Not with a person but with the islands. With the exception of missing my children, I never wanted to come back home. I really wanted to stay forever. The water is so clear I got to see some sharks and dolphins! I also went snorkeling! I was in the middle of a school of fish right over a reef. I swam from the boat to an Rose Island and back! It was beyond beautiful!


My New Years Eve was not the best! My BFF was in the hospital so I really had nothing to do, so I played games with the kids and when they went to bed, I had a beer or 6.


March 2017

Hard to believe it is 2017 already, but it is! I love when everyone does the “New Year New Me” thing!  Not me, new year, same old lost me! In February in door soccer started and I was back in my groove with coaching. I was talked into coaching two teams this year. On my older team I have an assistant coach but for my pee wees it’s just me!  On March 4th my 9 year old broke her leg playing soccer. I hate it for her but I know she feels worse. She can’t so any of the things she loves. Until further notice no gym, soccer or playground.

As for the rest of 2017 my children and I have decided to try out a Youtube channel. What will it be about? I guess you will have to wait and see! Our first video should go up before the end of March. I am going to try and stay with “This Lost Chick” nut we will have to see. I will be looking for you are, and I hope this turns out to be as fun in life as it is in my mind!