I love the beach! I have since the first time I laid eyes on the ocean! The sound, the smell, sometimes I can deal without the people. This trip was not as relaxing as I would hoped! But all in all it was a good trip.

My grandma was born in 1934 and this was her 3rd trip to the beach. The other two times I have taken her, one was for my wedding and the other was our first extended family vacation.

My brother is four years younger then I am, and he is beyond a free spirit. My brother kept making hints that if he was stopped by the police, that would be the end of the trip for him. I didn’t understand until the second night into the third day. Our second night at Myrtle Beach, my brother is digging a massive hole to put his girl friend in. I went to talk to my brother and his girlfriend to see if they needed help. Their eyes where the size if half dollars, wide open! They where high as kite! After talking to my sister I found out my brother brought acid, to “trip” at the beach! Needless to say I had to keep a good eye on them, and keep my children far away! I was not trying to answer any unnecessary questions.

While on their “trip” they played in the ocean like it was only five feet deep! Splashing and swimming out so far I could hardly see them! The next day mm brother told me of what he saw the night before.

He said, “There was a huge bob cat walking around last night. I was about four or five feet big:.

At first I was like DAMN really! How the hell did it get here? Who all saw it? Should we call anyone to warn them?

He said, “The bob cat had star shaped blue sun glasses on his face, and he rode in on the back of a shark. The shark and the bob cat both came walking up the beach like what’s up bro!”

After that I knew he was full of shit and tripping when he saw it! I wish I had a picture of it, we laugh about it everyday.

The 2 bedroom suite we had was lovely, it was on the 11th floor, ocean front and I loved it! The air conditioning unit stopped working our second day and was not able to be fixed, but it wasn’t like where there to stay in the room anyway!

At first my grandma was adamant she was going to swim to Africa! The funny thing is she has still never put her toes in the water. She can’t swim and is afraid of sharks. My grandma says the only way a shark will bite her is if it walks onto the beach to get her! She sat reading a book and watching us swim. DSCN0415

My sister met a guy at a water park we went to. Thought it didn’t work about between, my sister has since moved to Myrtle Beach. I’m not going to lie I am jealous as hell! I love the beach but I can’t live there.DSCN0470

The sunrise was amazing as always! On the beach was a couple, who happened to be in one of my pictures, taking a picture of the sun rising. I wish I knew who they where, it really is a beautiful picture.DSCN0370

The next vacation, it should be the end of July, will just be me, my husband and our babies! Here are some more pictures at the beach!