I can face the facts, I am a little bit out of shape. I go to the gym when I have time after work. Recently I have went to a friend of mines. She has a gym in her garage, I like it better because no one is looking at you. Anyway, I did a work out with her, it felt really good to be working out with a partner again, and I pushed myself hard. Too hard! It was leg day, I should have used my own body mass instead of weights. Particularly because I had not done weights in a while, a long while at that.We worked our legs hard, set by set, rep by rep.

When it came time to stretch I gave 100%. I thought if I stretched really good and took a nice warm shower I would not be all that sore. I was so wrong. When I got up the next day, I couldn’t  walk right but it was more then that. I could not sit at all or bend at the knees for that mater. I would try to bend but it would hurt so bad my wouldn’t let me. I still had to work with all of this going on and it was not easy.

After two days of trying everything I knew, the pain never got any better. I had to go to the doctor, its hard to work when you can’t use proper body mechanics. I strained the quads (quadriceps muscles) in both legs! With the strains I have it could take anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks for me to return to normal. 10 days to 6 weeks!!

I am on day 5, I am not able to walk much better, but I still can’t walk down steps without help and a lot of pain. When I walk now it is with a slight limp, I have pulled the calf muscle in one of my legs but I will deal with it.

I hope that I will heal fast, I enjoy working out. I have learned my lesson, I will start out slow, without weights the next time. I know I will not be doing leg day for a very long time!