Wow I can’t believe that it is June already! I would like to know where this year has gone! I am a little more then 2 months from my 30th birthday! I am getting a little excited! Though I have no party plans, as of yet! My month of June is packed full of things to do!

First , my mother, grandmother and 13 year old sister are moving to North Carolina! I am super excited about their big move! Not going to lie, I am a little worried…. Everyone is living with us until they find a place. It’s not that I don’t love them, 8 people sharing one bathroom may be a problem!

Along with three family members moving down here, my brother, his girlfriend, my sister and her three children are coming down so we can all go to the beach! I was 26 the first time I saw the ocean. None of my family had ever seen the ocean in real life. So two years ago we took may family and now it seams to be a tradition.  This should be fun to say the least!

I am planing my BFF baby shower, at least I am trying but her husband wants everything but pay for nothing! She is having a girl! Her due date is the end of August, but I am secretly hoping she has her baby on my birthday!! A girl can dream can’t she?

My arm gets finished! Not that it’s missing or anything. I got a half sleeve in 2015, I knew I wanted a full sleeve but I was unsure of what to add! I will do a blog about my many tattoos. Now I know what I want to add to finish my sleeve. As to anything there is a down side! I have to cover my tattoos at work, for the most part I don’t mind.

Trying to build a new play house for my girls! I have blue prints, the lady I got them from said material would cost no more then $120. I went to Lowes and everything was $640! I think she may have been doing some of that government math!

Then I have countless small things going on, from facials and pedicures, helping my mother with her packing and unpacking. June is jam packed with a million things to do, I can’t wait!