My roots, in truth I know a lot about them, but I only choose to share this. My father was Polish, my mother is black. Yes I mean black not African American. I have looked 3 generations back and my mother is American, my grandmother is American and my great-grandmother was Native American, Chippewa.

I knew I wanted to blog about this last night, but I could not! I felt so many raw emotions, I couldn’t put into words. It still may not be possible for me to put them into words now.

I do not believe that Memorial Day, was the right day to air this series! I say this because shows and movies that focus on racism and unjust treatment always stir up raw emotions.  I am a person that is slow to anger, after watching Roots made my blood boil.

Here are 3 movies, I know for a fact brought raw emotions to the surface. Crash, American History X, and 12 Years a Slave.

I do understand where others are coming from…..

Memorial Day is to honor those who lost there lives so that we as Americans can remain free. If you do not believe that slaves played a major part in our freedoms, you may want to look in to history again! Don’t have time?? I will give you some quick facts: roughly 179,000 slaves served in the U.S. Army. 19,000 served in the Navy. Close to 40,000 black men died in the Civil War! Let that sink in…. my history lesson is over.

As I watched Roots last night, I cried. When I was a teen I watched the 1977 original. After watching it I was mad! But I quickly found my favorite part of the movie and chose to remember that only. It was “Grits dummy”. For some reason I didn’t remember it being this bad!

I am not sure if I can watch more then one episode! I honestly do not think my heart can take it. I only went 3 generations back on my mothers mother, because I knew none of them where slaves. If I where to look on her fathers side I know what I would find, even if I looked at my grandmothers fathers side. It’s not that I choose not to look out of ignorance. I know where my family came from, that is no longer the most important part. What is important is where my family is going.

The past can help shape the future. However if you walk forward while looking back, you are bound to run into a wall and stay there. Look there go there, only we can’t go back so look to the future.