frog-897418_960_720Have you ever wanted to run away? I’m not talking about getting away for a few hours. I’m talking about packing up a few things in the middle of the night, and leaving everything behind!

I have done that a few times in my 20’s. At the time I only had one or two children when I last took off. I grabbed only what was essential, and left the rest behind! I even left my cell phone, you can always pick one up at any gas station or convenient store.

My mother calls me her “Gypsy Child”. I can pack up today, go to a state I have never been to and in 6 months time, you would have thought I have lived there all my life! That is how Well I adapt to change, when I feel the need to.

Today, I feel like running away. I am taking time off of second job, so I can spend more time with my children this summer. This weekend my girls are camping with there girl scout troop. My son, well… he is a teenager and her care about three things in life. 1 His cell phone, I really think it is glued to his hand! 2 GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!! I think that may be the reason his phone is always in hand. Every friend I have ever met of his has been a girl! I can’t say I like it one bit! 3 His Xbox. My son has talent, he can play the game, with a phone in one hand! Not really the kind of skills I am proud of but hey! My husband, he invited some friends over for the weekend. Right now they are off doing what ever it is they do!

So that leaves me here sitting on my front porch, writing a blog about running away!frog-897420_960_720